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This is a message from french/english/italian/german anarchists living in theParis region destined to all of our sympathizers all around the world. We areindependant from but friends with the French Anarchist Federation hence wewill not speak in their name.We would like to clarify the situation here since it seems to us that many foreignmedias seem to qualify the struggle as a purely conservative "we don't wantto change anything" type of protest, just as they did when we proudly said !FUCKYOU! to Pascal "WTO" Lamy, Bolkenstein and all those heartless fucks at theEuropean Comission and in french politics&medias. Our NO wasnt a racist no, itwas an anti-liberal no whatever the medias try to say.First we would like to thank all of those whosupported us and the student's movement that's beenshaking this decaying conservative country for morethan a month. A special THANKS to the italians of"Contropodere" who organized themselves in less than 3days to have a bus from Rome, Torino, Genoa andBologna (i think) come up to Paris to help us inthursday's very sucessfull protests.Tomorrow saturday 18th of march 2006 there will be avery big protest throughout France to have theneo-conservative government of mr chirac and villepincancel the modifications they passed, without debatein the assembly, to our work code.These modifications intend to create a new workingcontract called the CPE (that means 1st employmentcontract) which is going to allow companies to fireemployees without any justifications WHATSOEVER. Itis, for now, aimed at the 15-25 years-old categorywhich the government knows is so nihilistic that mostwon't even take position against them being fired.Just as in november they used old laws to "speed"(read : bypass) the (of course pseudo) democraticprocess in order to pass laws that comply with theircapitalistic allies and vision of the new world order.We had massive riots this autumn, which weren'tmanipulated or controlled by anything (this needs tobe known; the french intelligence services themselvessaid it wasnt religious nor mafia but a population fedup with their lives) except the desire for giving backthe violence poor people in the suburbs face everydaywith the police, the workplace and the society ingeneral.France is no heaven ; Paris may be nice to spend a fewdays in but it's a hard place to live in because we'vegot too much envy and too many people surrounding it,all wanting the supposed parisian golden life ofbefore.We anarchists are trying to broaden the struggle whichis being diverted to reformism by sold out studentunions (UNEF mainly which is the youth branch of the"socialist" /yeah right!/ french party) and to someextent autonomization has increased a lot in a month.As of march 16th about 3/4 of the 80+ french facultiesare on strike, high schools in Paris, Rouen, Caen,Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Limoges and many moreare also joining the fac students.Strikes are decided by assembly voting andpropositions for the strike usually amount to 3 to 1for. We managed to unify the movement to some extentwith immigration rights groups who will also bevictims of this piece of crap, just as will theunemployed and the poorly educated. The worker'sunion, just as in 68, are scared by the autonomizationof the various movements but according to many polls65+% of the population wants the text cancelled.Wehope that union members BY THEMSELVES will help themovement with logistics and their experience becausethe union directions will not declare general strikesfor the youth.We have also rediscovered the joys of fascism, forabout a week now between 50 to 100 extreme right(UNI-RED-FNJ : Uni is a rightwing student union, REDis very badly named ;-) because its aracist/homophobic union and FNJ is the youth sectionof the Front National ie the pigs) activists have beenpatrolling the small streets of the Latin Quarter,more or less ignored by the cops, with bats andhelmets, beating all anti-cpe people they cross.Needless to say we beat them up badly but they arequite motivated and scare the first comers.For a week now more and more people are fed up ofunion leaders calling them to protest from 2 to 5 andthen thanking them for coming and telling them to gohome, that it was a good protest. We do not wantnegociations concerning this CPE we want its totalretrieval.Thursday more than a thousand people bypassed theunion's call and carried on protesting, attackingpolice and trying to infilter the fortified Sorbonnefaculty to regain control after we were ousted at 4am8 days ago, long after the collaborating union leadershad gotten home and had their nice little tea,satisfied that their union's logo would be shown onall tv channels ; those people are what we call heresocio-traitors, just like the communist, green,socialist and revolutionnary parties (PC, Les Verts,PS, LCR) and the workers unions directing bodies (CGT,CFDT, CFTC mainly).We know that many smaller europeans countries'spolitics are aligned on those of the big threeeuro-states and that is why you must understand thatwe are trying our best to let people know that we needto internationnalize our struggle against global Stateoppression and everyday precarity.For now it is difficult to find ways to broaden ourrevendications because most students innocently thinkthat it is just the CPE which is the problem.Anyone who went to Genoa, Seattle or Geneva knows thata mere work contract is in reality nothing compared tothe oppression of the World Bank, IMF and all thosefucking Bilderberg/SkullsnBones/whatever elitistsocieties which plannify the coming of their allseeing all hearing New Order powered by constantoppression meant to wear combativity down andtechnological superioty/elitism.We know we're not alone, we want you to know you'renot either.Tomorrow we will be dedicating the fights of the dayto all the freedom loving people of the world who face20x more harder repression and living conditions thanwe do, people in the US, elsewhere in Europe, thepeasants, students, women, children who fight everydayin China, Korea, Asia, South America, Africa, Iran,Irak, ALL the people who fight against religious,economical and political obscurantism, oppression and tyranny.ONE YOUTH. ONE WORLD. ONE LOVE.May, with the help of everyone, freedom and justice reign!

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feeling suicidal, any suggestions? need quick fix, no need for long term/long lasting one cus there ain't none, that's for sure.

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Stolen Time...

"Very important observations that must be included in the subject of "Freedom" in the bourgeois state:The reign of the bourgeoisie has endured longer than anyone ever expected. Yet confident declarations of thousand year empires or assertions of the self-evident human *naturalness* of its form of society, like those one associates with the 3rd Reich or the Russian Revolution or the Mahdi and other non-bourgeois moments of glory, seem to me surprisingly absent from *capitalist* history, even in the afterglows of its numerous successful revolutions: and this fact I think reflects even its own pessimistic evaluations of itshistorical prospects. I suppose they thought "live by the sword die by the sword": legitimation has always been a problem for an ideology born and perpetuated by usurpation, and which has to depend, in very principle and for its perpetuity, on the tightrope walk of competitive pluralism.Still, both capitalists and anti-capitalists got it wrong; Marx in particular. They have endured through "decadence" and prospered.The reason quite obviously is its immense creativity and resourcefulness -- which is not to say that there is something superhuman about bourgeois' individuals themselves, but that they have proven extraordinarily masterful at extracting creativity in their subjects. In the context of production, I mean the massive advances in science and technology and invention -- which fills our shelves with products we can hardly believe we ever managed to imagine wanting. Nothing of the magnitude is likely to have emerged so swiftly under feudalism or other anthropological conditions.But even more critical for its survival, it has astonished us in its ability tofind and engineer strategic shifts that have vastly deferred the day of reckoning that is so evidently latent in the nature of its ideologicalself-contradictions. It shifts its labour force to new countries, breaks into new markets (the USSR was a nest-egg it kept for a rainy day!), pushes back frontiers, finds it canrun a democratic system in which the people fail to vote for themselves, manipulates its electoral base, works mathematical wonders in the kitchen with the balance sheets, and acrobatically avoids the arthritis of corporatism. All these manoeuvres arent just about avoiding economic breakdown. Nor are they anything to do with military expertise in seeing off rivals. Above all,they have had the effect of allowing it to preserve and elaborate the ethical and ideological illusions, like freedom, without the chickens coming home to roost. Logic insists that they still will, still must, but we are beginning to wonder if this fit old codger won't wing it forever and never be caught out blagging it. Even revolutions which have understood it and escaped it for a length of time -- as in Russia, have staggered back into its grasp eventually, miscalculating the life left in the old stag and coming a cropper on its ever more elaborate antlers.*But these fetes are not performed by the bourgeoisie, but by its employees!* It is impossible to believe that a proletariat that has shown the ingenuity to create such mind-boggling gadgets and execute such complex and improbable tasks of social policing and conflict-management are not also ingenious enough not to have understood, sufficiently often, their political and social position. I am therefore obliged to face the conclusion, which is in fact next to self-evident being so undeniable, that the proletariat has worked *deliberately* to preserve the bourgeois state that exploits it.I have in the past explained this failure of class-logic with an individualist argument: the reluctance of the people to make revolution more often (to be glib) is because no matter how certain their victory as a class, the firstperson to storm the gates is bound to be shot dead, so that no one is ever the first and an otherwise logically inevitable revolution fails to ignite. Marxism could never get this because it took the social unit to be "class" instead of the "individual".There is some truth in such individualist arguments to be sure -- but it is not enough, I now think, to explain the low incidence of revolt across the centuries and continents as a whole.Similarly, whilst false consciousness and mediated self-interests go some way to explain why the proletariat makes such creative efforts on the bourgeoisie's behalf, we should be very reluctant to attribute to such a talented human population such immense and consistent ignorance of their position. How, for one thing, do we explain our own consciousness when we are manufactured from the same conditions? Do radicals think they are superior mutations? Aren't we just marked, rather, by being a bit slow on the uptake? lately realizing what the proletariat has always well enough known.The conclusion is unavoidable that there is simply no appetite for this "Freedom" which the bourgeoisie has gone to such pains to elevate as its most defining social value: Freedom is the bedrock of the Ethos which consolidates bourgeois entitlement to wear the crown of Divine Right stolen from the aristocracy and the Churches, but that's *all* it is.This is a glaring paradox. Nevertheless it seems true that although the bourgeois state depends critically upon the offer of Freedom to the people, and stabilizes and preserves its power by so doing, this does not imply or require that the people actually have any appetite for it. Somehow it seems as if they understand ("instinctively" if you like) that the offer is a necessary proof of good faith, a courtesy, but that its promise is just a game on both sides. If total freedom, which under capitalism, means the severance of all social relationships, who wants it? Should we be surprised to find out that the people know that they *don't*? Bourgeois history and institutions *appear* at least to have delivered many things which people have found very much to their liking -- urbanization, and the social hot-house of the factories, cafes, stadia and supermarkets.Moreover it is important to understand that social continuity is a value in its own right -- no matter how far that social arrangement may fall short of theoretical alternatives. Simply -- a relationship now is always worth more than two tomorrow. You cannot equate them. Relationships (both individual ones, neighbourhoods and nationalities) take TIME to acquire their value to their members. Social upheaval -- as in the vandalism of working class "slums" perpetrated by socialist governments after the last world war, as well as the refugee movements and the phenomenon of post-imperial immigration -- destroy a complex and rich social ecology which takes historical time to be replaced. All populations are sensibly *conservative*. Other things being equal, the people are more likely to kick out a ruling class for imposing radical change than for preventing it.Even promotion of a classes status entails loss. A comrade might become a foreman, a boss an unwelcome co-worker: these changes are often opposed even by those who nominally stand to advance themselves by it.I don't claim that these explanations are exhaustive. I wish only, for now, to draw attention to the fact that the interrelationship of the ruling systems ideology and the practical social values of the exploited classes is complex. This area must be absolutely CENTRAL to any radical strategy -- to understand not only what social needs are, but how they are met, and by what. We might have to take into account not only the falsified promises of the bourgeois state, but the possibility that its very falsity rather than being deceiving and bad for being deceptive, is reassuring. That this possibility is immediately relevant to our political activity isobvious. Anyone who thinks simply exposing "the truth" is going to radicalize the people will then be an utter fool -- the populace doesn't much care that it is lied to, it might be more likely to take it as an example to follow than as a corruption to attack. It doesn't much care that "Freedom" is an ethical lip-service in a system in which power is far more to the point -- it understands that a system restrained by the need to conform to benign appearances is better than one which is brutally frank -- a little sugar helps the medicine go down. So we invaded Iraq to get the oil not to save the arabs -- good! we need petrol for our cars don't we? Yes, as I've said before and still say, Ethical Legitimation is the mortally important underbelly of the dominant political system --?and radicals must target the mechanisms of it -- but the way that it *works* is not so simple as you radicals would have liked. You cannot simply appeal to right and wrong by setting yourself up on pedestals and telling the truth (that is a naive appeal to the authority of christianity which has long lost it), you have,rather, to control the process itself -- you have to have *moral authority* of your own in the first place. This is why, in biblical times and before, we see in the Middle East social groups whose political influence is rooted on the practice of piety in their own everyday lives (the Essenes for an example).A pertinent but eccentric anthropological comparison is to those indian tribes in which the accumulation of gifts, or some other arbitrary embodiment of prestige, is used to mediate their social status. By living out in the moments of *Everyday Life* a consistent ethos of your own, you acquire a certain kind of social power. You deserve and earn faith in proportion to what you can bravely endure. A man draws strength from virtue the same way that the Greeks drew strength from burning their boats.But beware of this: the love of men and the love of truth will always conflict.(not to mention women!)Here, once again we are brought back to the subject and role of "Freedom". Situations have nothing to do with it. They are from the very start, that is from the insitigation of the bourgeois version of it, definitionally opposed to it. You can see just how true my assertion that "situationism" is not the "S.I." really is. Hopefully you can see now too how true is my assertion that marxist ideas are merely *contained in* situationist ones rather than vice versa. You can see now why I have argued so hard that the revolution is the revolution of everyday life and that *ethics* in each and every situation of our lives is the vital key to its radical redemption and liberation. And you ought to see now why we should stop turning our faces from "religion" and thereby making ourselves blind to the processes which have constructed the matrix of power and value in which we live and which even, naively puristically, underlies our own futile attempts to oppose it.Freedom is a real value. But to pursue it involves exerting influence upon the wills of others. Why should I have any respect for the right of liars to lie or fools to believe untruths? The real meaning of freedom must be disinterred -- it has been buried since the day the bourgeoisie overthrew and imprisoned Christianity. Muslims know this, but we have refused to listen.In no way should the illusory nature of bourgeois revolutionism?deflect us from believing that change is both desirable and possible. Freedom has another meaning, but it is never to be found in "autonomy" or the absence of moral and social subordination. In my power to *choose* to subordinate myself to a code and to a social cause in which I believe I execute my freedom. Freedom has no other use or value EXCEPT IN ITS EXCHANGE. The possession of a huge mountain of freedoms which you cannot give away is true poverty! The society in which you live does not genuinely value freedom in that way. Rather it is the freedom to enter into coherent social groups which gives whatever little or much freedom you possess its real value; and in the strength you possess to surrender the "desires" you contain to the social necessities of creative transformation and collective good. Nothing is inherently good or bad -- it only becomes good or bad by what you do with it. The power to make the right, the ethical, choice is the only true measure of your freedom you will ever have." ~ Jet Black

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Rotting Line

The soap of technicality does not wash away the stench of an insincere totality. The realness is lost at the moment when love is volunteered to be recuperated by the spectacle of referential table according to the rule books of romance, that which is not love but a vulgar image of one, and very quickly it eats away at the core of something total that may very well be a subversive spark of life. Radical subjectivity in its most regressed sense identifies us with one another and in that one finds not sacrificial gestures but the road to a total unity.

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